Welcome to Eustralis Food

Eustralis Food logoEustralis joins the Association as our newest member and we are delighted to welcome them. Eustralis seeks to be the No.1 European food wholesaler in Australia, with a broad range of quality and innovative products.

They constantly seek new culinary trends to bring a wide variety of alternatives for menus. They supply ready-to-bake bakery products, essential ingredients for pastry chefs and cooks, catering food and supplies for food service businesses.

Over the past 20 years, they have established a wonderful partnership both in Australia and overseas. They started their great adventure in Western Australia (Perth) in 1998, and followed it by opening Deshel foods in New South Wales (Sydney) in 2002, Deshel foods in Victoria (Melbourne) in 2013 and Eustralis Food Queensland (Brisbane) in July 2016.

They strive to offer a service which is second-to-none to all customers. Quality, consistency and diversity are the key values that they want to deliver to the Australian market.

Visit their website, www.eustralis.com.au, or view their entry in the Supplier Directory for more information.

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